Wedding Trends and Working with your Wedding Planner

Donna Roy, an event and wedding planner at The Essex Room, discusses wedding trends, and how working with your wedding planner can help ensure that you take the latest trends and incorporate them into your own wedding style for your special day.


When I think of trends, I think of my first experience with trends, which was with fashion. So you learn that at a very early age — you’re thumbing through magazines and you see what everyone is wearing. When you develop your sense of fashion, you say, “How would I wear that? What would I be comfortable with?” The same thing goes with your wedding, because we all want it to be part of us. It’s an organic feeling. You know what you like.

So when you’re looking through Pinterest and Instagram and magazines, look for that idea, that blend, and when you sit with your event planner, you’re going to pull all those things together. We’ll help you craft what you want for your wedding day, with your signature, but with a sense of what might be trending at the time.