Wedding Testimonials – Cathy and Peter

In this video testimonial, one of our brides, Cathy, describes why she and her fiance, Peter, picked The Essex Room for their wedding, and how easy the process was when working with the wedding coordinators at The Essex Room.


Hi, I’m Cathy from Dallas Texas, and this is my fiancé, Peter. I chose the Essex room as I was looking at a bunch of venues, and reaching out via email.

Maureen actually was the person who called me back, where everyone else sent an email. Really made it personal, really connected us. It’s what I was looking for and why we were interested in the venue.

Working with the coordinators here has been really easy. I wanted to keep it simple. I want to be able to really focus on what my friends are interested in, so through the wedding coordinators and through the menu planning, I just get asked a series of questions. All I have to do is provide an answer.

The location is close to home. Peter grew up in the area, so much of his family are locals, so it’s easy for them to get to, and not so far for most of my family, though a lot of my friends are traveling in.