Wedding Reception Seating Plans

Wedding Reception Seating Plans

One of the most daunting tasks of wedding planning is planning the seating for the reception. While it may seem like it will be simple when you start, issues with seating reveal themselves as you begin to work on the plan and couples soon begin to stress and worry about seating arrangements. Here are some tips on how to plan your wedding reception seating with as little friction as possible.

Assign Tables but Not Seats

Unless your wedding is exceptionally formal, it’s not necessary to assign seats. Not assigning seats instantly takes a good portion of the seating planning burden away – now all you have to do is assign people to different tables.

Some couples wonder if they should have a seating plan at all. In most cases, it’s beneficial to assign tables at the very least. People tend to take comfort when they know they have a place to sit down, and it’s always important to have a space for elderly guests and children who may need to take a time out.

Will You Have a Brides’ Table?

Many couples choose to have a brides’ table or a “head table,” where they and their bridal party will sit during the reception. You’ll need to decide if this is something you want to do, or if you’ll simply be seated among family and friends. If you plan to do a lot of socializing during the reception while your guests are enjoying their meal (after you’ve enjoyed yours of course!), a head table may not be necessary.

Things You Want to Avoid When Making a Seating Plan

There are a few things you definitely don’t want to do when making a seating plan, including:

  • Having a singles table. This is an outdated concept that makes people more uncomfortable than it does provide an opportunity for singles to “meet their match.”
  • Not having a kids’ table if you have kids at your wedding. If you have more kids than just a ring bearer and a couple of flower girls at your wedding, be sure to have a kids table set up with kid friendly foods and activities to keep them busy.

Things You Want to Do When Making a Seating Plan

  • Think about how you know each guest and group them accordingly. While you may not seat them exactly this way, it’s good to have them grouped in sections like, “Co-Workers,” “College Friends,” “Grandparents,” etc.
  • Scan your list for anyone who you know has issues with each other. Seat estranged family members at different tables and definitely avoid seating people who you know are exes together.

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