Wedding Food Trends

Chef Ned Grieg talks about wedding food trends, including mixing food from different cultures and serving food that you would eat at home, as well as being sensitive to the needs and wants of your guests.


Hi, good afternoon, my name is Ned Grieg. I’m the corporate executive chef for the Woodman’s restaurant group and The Essex room. I’m here to talk to you about the trend in food for weddings these days, or at least what has become quite prevalent here at the Essex room.

People, we are encouraging them to make it their own wedding. Choose what you like. Lots of times, at least a decade ago, people would say, “Oh well, I have to do the beef or the fish, or the fish or the chicken, in order to make sure that all my guests are going to be happy.” That’s changed a lot. We have people that come from Japan, that are marrying somebody from Peru. So I’m putting out ceviche and also I’m putting out some sushi for passed hors d’oeuvres and canapés.

It’s really important for you to make it — you have to own your own wedding. If you don’t do that, you’re not going to really enjoy yourself or your friends. And guests — they want to be part of your life. When you invite them over to your dinner table a year from here, you’re going to be serving them the type of food that you’ve served at your wedding. We’re noticing that that’s happening a lot more than it used to be.

When we talk about wedding, food, and etiquette a little bit, sometimes you have to be sensitive to your guests. If you have a predominantly older group of people, say it’s a second marriage or it’s your first marriage in your 40s or 50s, the food trends will be different. Your selections will be more sophisticated than if you’re a 21 or 25 year old couple. We do know that when they come through the door. I sit down and do a lot of menu planning with our clients that come through here these days.