Essential Things to Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit


We’ve all seen the “Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez wearing her fanny pack. At the Essex room, we don’t do the fanny pack thing, but we do have an arsenal of sundries for brides, grooms, the bridal party, and guests.

What Essential Things Should a Bride Include in Her Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

There are really three lists for your wedding day emergency kit. The first is the bride’s personal list and that includes her touch-up makeup kit for the day, dental floss, teeth wipes, breath mints, Band-Aids, Kleenex, deodorant, makeup remover, a protein bar for pick-me-up, extra shoes, Advil, contacts, eye drops, super glue, and a phone charger. A pretty hankie can also be a great addition. While Kleenex is functional, a hankie is stylish, and if there is a heirloom hankie that has been sitting in a drawer at home, it can double as “something borrowed.”

The second list is for the bridal party; for them to use and to help out the bride. It includes a needle and thread, safety pins, clear nail polish (for runs in pantyhose), hairspray, bobby pins, a mirror, heel protectors (for walking on grass with stilettos), flats or comfortable shoes, chalk or stain stick, fashion tape, lint roller, blister repair (Dr. Scholl’s friction stick is awesome), super glue, medicine (Advil, Benadryl, Tums and Epi-Pen), and tweezers.

What About the Groom – Does He Need an Emergency Kit Too?

Yes, but it’s a much smaller list. It includes a lint roller, Advil, and extra tuxedo studs. That’s it!

By making sure you have everything you might need available in your emergency kits, you can cut down on your stress on the big day and take care of any problems that arise, quickly and efficiently!