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Giving your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts can be a special and memorable way to thank them for attending your special day. In this podcast with wedding planner Maureen Woodman, we’ll talk about today’s bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts trends.

John Maher:  Hi. I’m John Maher. Today I’m here with Maureen Woodman, a wedding planner for on and off‑site catered events at The Essex Room in Essex, Massachusetts. Today we’re talking about bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts. Welcome, Maureen.

Maureen Woodman:  Hi, John. Thanks for having me today.

Bridal Parties – Large vs. Small

John:  Maureen, what’s the average number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in weddings today? Have wedding parties grown larger or smaller in recent years?

Maureen:  I can say I’ve seen it both ways. Sometimes you may just see a maid of honor and a best man. Then I’ve had quite a few parties that are coming in for this year where there’s 9 or 10 bridesmaids, 9 or 10 groomsmen – a couple kids, some ring bearers, and depending how many nieces and nephews you have. What’s really interesting — back in probably the ’80s, a lot of times you’d maybe see just a maid of honor and a lot of groomsmen.

I can’t say I’ve seen that trend lately, where the bridesmaids don’t match the number with the actual groomsmen.

John:  You have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen — that they’re all paired up.

Maureen:  Yeah, but there was a time for a while that we saw just a lot of guys, and as many girls. You see that signature shot where they would pick the bride up, and just hold her across the whole line of the men. Used to be a great shot.

I’d say that that’s something I definitely see, the matching of the numbers. It’s up to you. If you have a lot of brothers and sisters, you usually try to get them all in there. Some girls that have a lot of girlfriends — they can’t make a choice.

Can a Woman Be a Best Man?

Maureen: I’ll say another thing I have noticed is there may be two maid of honors, and two best men, which 20-30 years ago, there was only one. I never saw two, but now — I do see now, too, that men are having girls be their best man, or best woman. That’s a little different.

John:  Maybe a sister, or a best friend, or something like that.

Maureen:  Yeah. You might see that if it’s just a brother and sister, where they use each other for that position, and the bride may already have her own sister, so the groom chooses his sister to be his best woman.

What Are the Current Trendy Bridesmaid Gifts?

John:  Why do brides give gifts to their bridal parties? Is that something that has happened in recent years, or has that been a tradition for a long time? What are some popular gifts that brides give to their bridesmaids?

Maureen:  A long time ago, you always got like some little gift. Usually, for the bridesmaids, it went along with your outfit, whether it was your gloves, or your hat, or the jewelry, or you bracelet, or your earrings, or the bride may pick up the bill when they all go to get their manicures.

It was always something that seemed to have to do with the outfit, but now it’s completely different. It’s more of like a favor. Could be a wineglass, or a beach towel, or a koozie cup. Something that you’ll have forever, or a really fancy tote bag, or a wallet, or something. It doesn’t seem to necessarily have to be part of the actual wedding day outfit.

When it started, it was just a little trinket, or something that you would have that day as a memento of this moment that you spent with this person. It was the bride’s way of saying, “Thank you. It really matters to me that you took time to be part of my special day.”

What Are the Current Trendy Groomsmen Gifts?

John:  What about groomsmen, in terms of a groom giving some gift to his groomsmen?

Maureen:  Again, back 20 years ago, it was always a beer mug. Things were monogramed. The guys, a lot of it was tied around drinking. It could be a flask. Could be some little bottle of Jack Daniels, or something.

Today, the present’s a little nicer. Maybe some jewelry, whether it’s cuff links, or a tie clip, or a little money clip with your initial on it, or the date of their wedding. Some little memento that you could also wear, or use, the day of the ceremony.

Other Great Wedding Party Gifts

John:  What are some other types of classy gifts to give your wedding party that maybe won’t break the bank?

Maureen:  The guys maybe could get a Swiss Army knife. The girls, you could get some really nice earrings. Some fancy hair clips are out there now that are pricey, and you could use those.

One of the newer trends is a donation that’s made in the bridesmaid or the groomsmen to the bride and groom’s favorite charity, and it’s made in your name.

I’d say that’s probably trending right now. Somehow or other, people that have a lot of money and they know that you have a lot of things, they want to make a donation in your name. I’d say that’s probably the most tasteful gift out there right now.

John:  That’s nice, that people know that you don’t need another thing to put on your shelf at home or something like that. Giving a gift in your name is a nice thing to do.

Maureen:  Everybody has everything now. Anything you want, you just buy it.

John:  That’s a great advice, Maureen. Thanks for speaking with me today.

Maureen:  My pleasure, John. Thank you for having me.

John:  For more information, you can visit The Essex Room website at, or call 978‑768‑7335.