Tips for Bridal Party Gifts

We all know that planning a wedding takes a village. What is a better way to show gratitude to your loved ones than thru a personalized gift.

Having seen many a bridal party show up with arms full of belongings, trust us, nobody needs or wants another item that doesn’t have a useful purpose. A few weeks ago, one of our couples at the Essex Room gifted their crew with monogramed bags and we just loved the idea!

Bridesmaids carry a lot of responsibility on wedding day. Keeping the bride calm and on time, intercepting any family drama, meanwhile getting ready themselves. Why not gift the girl’s something that would help them throughout the day? A weekender bag is the perfect bridesmaid’s gift, and by adding a personalized touch it will be something they will cherish forever!

AND don’t forget the groomsmen! While not the traditional groomsmen gift, most guys are limited when it comes to carrying their everyday things. Guys usually throw everything in an old, smelly backpack that they have had since college, or even high school! What better way to subtly update their look then by giving them a modern, trendy and personal duffle bag that shows your gratitude for their friendship. Monogramming each bag with their initials (or nickname) will show them you put thought into the gift and will finally put the smelly backpack from their past where it belongs, in the past.

All couples picture their “squad” like the flawless groups you see on Pinterest, but how do you make this a reality? Gift them something personalized that will look great in photos, while also serving a function on “game day”!

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