Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

There’s a lot of thought that goes into planning your wedding. Of course, you have to find the perfect dress, and you want a venue that speaks to your own unique sense of style as a couple. After you have these items nailed down, the rest of the day comes with the details.

Flowers are almost a given when it comes to wedding decorations, but when you start searching for your perfect petals, you may discover there are far more options than you may have realized. Don’t get lost in the garden of choices! This guide will help you weed through the varieties so you can create a winning combination for your wedding day.

Certain flora works best in select seasons. Take a look at our top choices for fall, winter, spring, and summer seasonal wedding flowers!

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring weddings are very popular—for good reason! This is when the world comes out of its winter hiding, as Mother Nature gives birth to new blooms and fresh blossoms of all sorts. As a new couple enters into matrimony, and the bride and groom begin their brand new life together as husband and wife, spring’s significance is even more meaningful.

For people who have April, May, or June wedding bells waiting in the wings, the following seasonal wedding flowers are a great fit:

  • Peonies are possibly the most popular flowers for weddings, particularly in the spring time. Peonies offer a sweet mix of softness and subtle colors, which tend to work well for nearly any color scheme, but they’re only available for a small window of time.

Because they’re so popular, it’s important to tell your florist this is the type of flower you’d like as early as possible so he or she can ensure you have peonies available for your big day.

  • Garden Roses. Garden roses are a great alternative to peonies because they have a similar style, offering a soft, romantic feel. Like peonies, they’re also available in an array of pastel hues and coral colors and provide a delicate puffy petal.

Garden roses are usually available after the peony season ends, making them an great option for a bride who wants peony appeal for a late-spring or early-summer wedding.

Spring tends to be a time when weddings are filled with more traditional pretty pinks and soft, touchable textures.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is when everything is happily soaking in the abundant sunshine. Blossoms are plentiful, colors are vibrant, and the world takes on a more positive glow. Flowers for summer weddings tend to embody the season itself and with their bright colors, make great focal flowers for bouquets and centerpieces.

  • Sunflowers are the quintessential summer wedding flower. Armed with yellow petals that dance with excitement, these flowers go the extra mile for warm-weather weddings.
  • Romantic, soft, and playful, poppies have a way of making their appearances at summer weddings of all sorts.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall ushers in a whole new feel for weddings. This is when the color palettes transition from bright hues into deep, rich tones. Flowers take on fall’s identity as easily as the changing of the leaves outside.

  • With a history as rich as their appearance, dahlias have long been pursued for their beautiful, dramatic appearances. Coming in shades of orange, yellow, white, purple, red, and pink, dahlias are a beautiful accompaniment for any fall wedding.
  • Any floral arrangement is more prepared for fall when it’s adorned with brilliantly colored berries.
  • Fall Foliage. Since many flowers are difficult to get this time of year, it’s not uncommon for brides to choose to use real fall foliage for their weddings. Quaintly crooked twigs, vines, and fall leaves can be great accent pieces for fall wedding flowers.

Winter Wedding Flowers

As snow settles in across most of the country, rich reds and brilliant whites take on the winter wedding scene. Winter brides can use their bouquets to add a pop of bold color to a monochromatic backdrop, or they can invoke the stunning stillness of winter by keeping their florals pale in color.

  • A mix of white and red roses is romantic and wintery at the same time. A bouquet of this kind incites a sort of excitement for a wedding adorned by falling snow and a glistening landscape.
  • With a striking black center and petals that run the gamut from bright white to scarlet, anemones are in season from October to May, making them perfect accompaniments to winter weddings.

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