Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Questions to Ask Your Vendor

Choosing a wedding venue can be difficult because there are many factors to consider, including location, parking accommodations, decorations, and of course, price. Here are some questions to ask your potential wedding venues in order to get a feel for whether or not they’re the right venue for you.

How Do You Accommodate Caterers?

Naturally, you’ll be having some kind of food at your event, so you want to be sure that your venue will be able to handle it. Ask them whether they have a kitchen your caterer can use or somewhere on-site to warm food that was cooked elsewhere, as well as what other accommodations they have for caterers. You want to make sure that your caterers have what they need to serve food at your event smoothly and seamlessly.

How Do You Accommodate Audio and Video?

Many events, especially weddings and corporate events that require presentations to be made, have audio and video needs. Ask your venue what audio and video equipment they have available or how they can accommodate any A/V equipment that you rent or that your DJ brings. You want to be sure that it’s no trouble for your DJ to get hooked up to venue’s sound system or that the video feed is ready for a presentation or slideshow before your event.

What Kind of Weather Contingency Plans Do You Have?

If you are planning an outdoor event at a venue, you want to ask if there is space available to hold your event indoors in the case of sudden bad weather. Preferably, you could simply move your event to another building at the same location versus traveling to another location if it rains or snows before or during your event. You want to make sure you have a backup plan for bad weather already in place and ready to execute should the weather turn on the day of your event.

What Items Are Provided by the Venue?

Many venues provide basic table linens, chairs, and tables, but you need to double check and ensure that your venue does. If they do not, you want to have plenty of time to search for a rental company that will allow you to rent these items and coordinate how they will be delivered to your venue. For example, you may have a venue that provides everything down to silverware and glassware, or you may have a venue that provides only tables and chairs and linens, glassware, and silverware are your responsibility. Make sure you know ahead of time what your venue will provide and what you will need to coordinate on your own.

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