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If you want to know what the most popular wedding flowers for your big day, you’ll want to hear what Erica Clougherty and Kara Rullo from Blooms of Boston have to say in this podcast! We talk seasonal flowers, popular design trends, and more in this podcast.

John Maher:  Hi. I’m John Maher. Welcome to our series of podcasts with wedding vendors for the Essex Room, Woodman’s Wedding, and function facility on the north shore of Massachusetts. Today, I’m here with Erica Clougherty and Kara Rullo from Blooms of Boston, a boutique floral and event design company.

Erica and Kara, welcome.

Erica Clougherty:  Hi.

Kara Rullo:  Hi.

John:  Can you guys tell me a little bit about your business and your style when it comes to providing flowers for a wedding?

Erica:  We’re basically focused primarily on weddings and special events. We don’t have a store front. We give a 100% of our attention to that.

We’re a boutique design style. We recently did have what we call “Design Nights,” where we’re encouraging bridal showers and bachelorette type parties to come and learn how to do their own floral designing. That’s another part of our business.

Our designing style really varies from wedding to wedding. We’re pretty diverse and we like to keep up with the latest trends and wedding styles. Probably our biggest style is the modern European look.

We both trained at Winston Flowers in Boston, so that’s really where our inspiration comes from.

John:  At what point is it important for a new bride and groom to call you and book you for their wedding?

Erica:  We usually say, as early as possible just to get your date on the book is great. I think a lot of people might wait too long. Securing the date is the biggest thing. We at least like to finalize things a little closer once they’ve looked online and they’ve gathered more ideas of what they’re looking for.

John:  What’s your process for working with a new bridal client? Can you walk me through? When somebody gives you a call, what the first steps are?

Erica:  Yeah. A lot of it is primarily through email and online these days, or a phone call. We usually set up a preliminary estimate, where we send it to the bride to review after we’ve gathered some of her ideas.

It’s more about securing the date at that point. Then we always open the option to meet with them if they prefer that on a one‑on‑one. Then as the day gets closer, setting up a time and going over everything.

John:  Maybe you could both talk about what some of the current styles are for wedding centerpieces this year? What are you seeing people doing?

Erica:  A lot of textures, more leisure-area pieces. A lot of brides have been on Pinterest, and that really gets them to get their own DIYs done. They’ll give us a cool bottle to use.

A lot of plants are being involved in centerpieces, more candles, things like that.They’re really going outside of the traditional wedding centerpiece that you would typically see.

John:  What about for bouquets and boutonnières? Any trends this year for that?

Kara:  I think I’ll get branch greenery. Our pieces, we’ve been looking at, and kind of getting ideas, a lot of ribbons for a lot of succulents. We’re doing a wedding right now with rare plants in the bouquet and succulents.

A real different kind of look. We love to do that stuff, just get out of our box a little bit ‑‑ not stick with more traditional wedding pieces.

Popular Wedding Flowers, Greenery, and More by Season

John:  What are some great flowers or flower arrangements for a bride who’s planning, say, a spring wedding versus a summer or a fall wedding? Are the flowers and arrangements that you do different for those depending on the season?

Kara:  Yeah. Right now, May is huge month for peonies, which is by far the most asked about wedding flower. They’re set to a small availability window. We use them primarily right about now.

Then when that ends, we try to point back to a garden rose, which is a similar style. For the most part right now, spring is like a cherry branch, just a lot of garden roses, textures, really pretty pinks, and more traditional wedding stuff ‑‑ Lily of the Valley.

May, June ‑‑ spring is an awesome month to get married for flowers.

John:  Then what changes, say, when you get into the fall, what types of flowers or arrangements are you seeing there?

Kara:  In the fall, you can get dahlias, berries, more grasses. Deeper colored grasses are popular. The dahlias come in a wide range of colors. They really fit into a fall wedding. Color’s more like purples and burgundies, oranges, yellows, and still some grasses. People love that and the berries too.

John:  I know that you guys have a unique style in doing your arrangements. What are some of the unusual ways you’ve seen flowers used at a wedding or some of the more intricate or unusual ways that you’ve done displays with flowers at weddings?

Erica:  I think it really is constantly changing. Like I said, online, there are so many different things that people come to us with different ideas. I did recently see a monogram at a place card table where they use their last name and they covered it with flowers. It was really a different way to display flowers.

Anything over the top: using flowers around different pieces, using interesting bottles, there’s so many really different ways you can display flowers these days.

John:  You mentioned using online as a resource. Do you find a lot of people coming now with pictures printed out from Pinterest or something like that and saying, “Hey, I’d really like to have an arrangement like this.”

Erica:  I really love that, because it really gives us a sense of who the bride is and what she likes. It’s never going to look exactly the same. We always like to add our twist to it, but it really shows up what they’re looking for. It’s really become helpful for us.

John:  That’s great. Won’t you tell us a little bit about how brides and grooms can get in touch with you?

Erica:  We have a website, bloomsofboston.com. We’re also on Facebook, on Twitter, Pinterest, all social media. Facebook is primarily where we really get involved with people and they can follow us, follow our upcoming events, what weddings we’re doing, where we’re going to be. It’s great.

John:  Erica and Kara, thanks again for speaking with me today.

Kara:  Thank you.

John:  For more information about the Essex Room and tips on wedding planning, you can visit the Essex Room website at essexroom.com or call 978‑768‑7335.