Marijuana Wedding is Newest West Coast Hit

Marijuana Wedding

Do you know a couple that loves to smoke marijuana? They could have a budtender at their wedding.

This couple is on pot — I mean point. Fox News recently covered the wedding of John Elledge and Whitney Alexander of Oregon, who featured not just a bar at their wedding, but a smoke tent – complete with 13 different strains of marijuana that guests could sample, with the help of a budtender.

According to reports, guests were thrilled with the couple’s hip version of an “open bar”.

The bride and groom, like so many others, wanted to incorporate their hobbies and passions into their wedding planning, and that, for them, meant sharing pot with the friends and family.

They are not alone. The CannaBride, is an entire blog dedicated to marijuana wedding ideas. The site also features “420” vendors that are willing to help with the wedding. Similar marijuana weddings feature pot gift bags, as well as, bouquets and boutonnieres dressed with marijuana buds.

Dale Dyke, owner of Colorado’s Get High Getaways, said he has hosted a few marijuana weddings and receptions at his inn. Dyke argues that “marijuana creates a positive euphoric emotion at weddings” rather than alcohol, which he says “can bring out the worst in families.”

Other venue owners do not feel as strongly as Dyke, however. As laws and regulations about where it is legal to smoke are still being written, event organizers such as Heather Dwight, of Calluna Events, find it difficult to place permitted joint bars. Some venues that Dwight uses are not private property, and therefore are not allowed to legally serve marijuana.

Right now, only four states allow marijuana weddings – Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Even in those states, brides and grooms often have to choose between a pot tent, and serving alcohol.

But, aside from how laws and regulations are changing, whenever wedding traditions change, it is important for brides and grooms to work with their family and think of their guests. Weddings are a celebration for the family to enjoy.

If you are thinking of making children welcome at your wedding, for example, maybe pass on the pot. And if your grandparents are not hip to changing attitudes toward marijuana, you do not want to make them uncomfortable.