Making the Choice Between a Custom Wedding Dress vs. Off the Rack

When you close your eyes, you can likely envision every last detail of your perfect wedding, down to your ideal wedding dress. To bring your vision to life, you must decide if you would like to have a custom wedding dress made or want to try your luck with off the rack designs. Every bride is different, so there’s no one right answer.  

Pros and Cons of Buying a Custom Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dress vs. Off the Rack

With a custom wedding dress, you can have the gown of your dreams created to fit your figure like a glove. Your custom wedding dress designer will use your preferences and measurements to create your one of a kind dress. No one else will have a wedding gown quite like yours when you go with this option.

Depending on your selected style and materials, custom wedding dresses come in a wide range of prices. That said, the cost of a custom wedding gown will come in at several times more than that of an off the rack piece nearly every time. Adding final touches in the form of alterations and accessories can also elevate the expenses considerably. Getting exactly what you envision, and the perfect fit to boot, may be well worth the cost if your budget allows for that expense.

Off the Rack Wedding Dress Benefits and Drawbacks

Simply going with an off the rack wedding dress you deem suitable can simplify the planning process and ease your stress levels. In addition, these readily-available wedding dresses cost considerably less than their custom counterparts. To save even more money, you might be able to find off the rack gowns at discount sales and the like.

Unfortunately, with this approach, you face the risk of finding tears and other damage to the dress without the ability to return. The cost of repairs and alterations to an off the rack gown could quickly eat up the money you saved over not getting a custom wedding dress made. When going with an off the rack dress, you must commit to shopping early and often until you find something you like. Otherwise, you could end up without the perfect dress as the hours leading up to your big day tick down.

Things to Consider in Making Your Wedding Dress Selection

It’s important to be honest with yourself when it comes to what you want for your wedding dress. If you’ve always wanted the perfect custom gown, trim from your wedding budget in other places. If affordability trumps the perfect look, you can still get a beautiful dress at a lower price.

You can also look at how much time you have before your big day and the tasks you have remaining on your to-do list. To make a custom wedding dress even a remote possibility, your preferred custom gown designer must have room in their schedule for your dressmaking needs. If you are running short on time, you may prefer the simplicity of finding your own off the rack gown when you can find a spare minute in the day.

When you take the time to think through your decision between an off the rack wedding dress and custom gown, you can take control of your wedding day and create the event of your dreams. Contact The Essex Room today for help with planning your catering services, venue and other key wedding matters at 978-768-7335.