Indian Influences in Western Weddings

Indian Influences

If you’re familiar with Indian culture or have ever watched a Bollywood film, then you know that the wedding is a quintessential. Indian weddings are spectacular, colorful, and spare no expense. It’s a joyful occasion where the whole family is invited and often lasts for days.

The dramatic flair and grandiose displays that are unique to Indian weddings also indicate the great importance marriage has in within their culture. As the world becomes ever more connected, western couples are taking notice and drawing inspiration from Indian weddings for their own nuptials.

Variety and Design

An Indian bride goes through many formal outfits, since the traditional ceremony lasts anywhere from three days to a week. Their dresses range from glamorous, like on the official wedding day, to less costly (like the dress for “Haldi” or henna application day). These two aspects — variety and design – are becoming more popular in Western weddings.

Normally, Western brides wear just one wedding dress for their ceremony. However, Indian bridal wear has influenced western brides to have a few outfit changes. For example, there are detachable hoop skirts that can be added to mermaid tail wedding gowns to take a bride from a formal ceremony to a reception where she’ll need to move around freely. Western brides are also changing into new dresses for different parts of the reception and honeymoon send-off.

The beautiful colors and patterns of Indian bridal wear have also influenced western bridal gown design. Today more brides than ever are opting for bold colors like red wedding dresses, ombre gowns, and dresses with intricate patterns that echo the beauty of Indian lehengas.


Getting henna tattoos on the hands and feet is the hallmark of an Indian bride. Western brides have also caught wind of this trend and have used it to create more subtle designs on their body to enhance their bridal look.

These temporary tattoos aren’t restricted to deep brown either: they can come in different colors and be applied on the hands, legs, back, shoulders, and chest.

Bridal Jewelry

The traditional Indian bridal jewelry set is epic and adds plenty of glamor to the beautiful sarees and lehengas worn throughout the wedding. Western brides, who traditionally wear more subtle accessories, can draw much inspiration from the beautiful jewelry that Indian brides boast.

For example, western brides are now adopting bindi, Indian-inspired wedding headpieces, large earrings, bangles, and dramatic necklaces to spice up their bridal look.

What Is Your Ideal Wedding?

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