How to Solve the Top 5 Wedding Problems

Top 5 Fall Wedding Problems
Are you and your fiancé in love with the idea of a fall wedding? With changing leaves and stunning sunsets, a New England fall wedding automatically comes with a beautiful backdrop. Not to mention the crisp autumn scents of apples, cinnamon and burning wood that naturally perfume an outdoor ceremony.

However, even with the strictest itinerary in place, potential problems can still arise for an autumn wedding. Here are the top 5 fall wedding problems along with solutions to ensure you get the fall wedding of your dreams.

Problem: Your Best Friend Can’t Come

Between Labor Day, Jewish high holidays, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, autumn can be quite a busy time for people. That may result in many of your friends and family members not being able to make it for your special day.

Solution: Schedule the Wedding Far in Advance

It is your special day and that means not needing to compromise on important factors, like your guest list. To make sure your loved ones can definitely make it, try to find a weekend that would work for everyone. Most importantly, write down a list of the people you most want present and check if they’re available for the date you want before you book a venue.

Problem: The Temperature Just Dropped and Guests are Freezing

Unpredictable weather is a given for New England autumns. Don’t be surprised if you go from feeling perfectly warm to borderline shivering in an instant. On the plus side, rain is quite rare for this season, but you do have to watch out for a sudden drop in temperature – especially for an outdoor wedding. It’s not only uncomfortable for you, but your guests too.

Solution: Invest in Blankets and Hand Warmers

If you don’t want to see mom shivering under her fascinator, combat any potential weather issues in advance with a stockpile of blankets, hand warmers and hot beverages. You could also inform guests about the weather forecast in advance so they can prepare to dress for the weather.

Problem: You Love Peonies, But You’ve Just Been Told They’re Out of Season

If you’re specific about your flower preferences, then you need to do some research beforehand to make sure the flowers you love will be available in autumn. Luckily, some florists can provide greenhouse-grown flowers, such as peonies, but you can expect a much higher price for them.

Solution: Use In-Season Flowers or Get Creative

To save yourself some money, stick to flowers that bloom in fall such as daisies, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and lilies. You have lots of options for elegant fall bouquets. You could also consider non-floral arrangements for your wedding day, incorporating fall fruits and vegetables like crabapples, peppers, and figs.

Problem: Dry, Blotchy Skin

Unlike summer weddings, you won’t be sweating profusely underneath your makeup. On the flip side, fall has a tendency of bringing along another skin challenge: parched lips and transitional skin. The last thing any bride wants is a flaky complexion on her big day. Even the most magical foundation can’t hide a bad base.

Solution: Sort Out Your Skincare Regimen

To get your face in shape for the special event, start by scheduling monthly facials at least six months in advance to prepare your skin and keep it looking clean and fresh. You could also do at-home masks and peels if professional facials aren’t in your budget. Meanwhile, stock up on a skin-type specific cleanser, moisturizer and serum to use daily. Once fall arrives and the air becomes drier, switch to a creamier cleanser and richer moisturizer to keep your skin bright and hydrated.

Problem: You Want Outdoor Fall Beauty, Indoors

As wonderful as an outdoor fall wedding is, it comes with a set of disadvantages. First up, the unpredictable weather. If you don’t want to take any risks on your big day, it’s much easier to keep the event indoors. Secondly, there’s the sound to consider. Depending on where you’d host the ceremony and reception, there’s a chance that speeches could go unheard in a big open space. And finally, maybe you can’t find the right location for an outdoor wedding. Perhaps you already have your heart set on a venue.

Solution: Embrace Falling Foliage in An Indoor Venue

Nature décor is said to be a big trend for 2019 fall weddings. So, if you like the color palette and natural beauty of an outdoor fall wedding, but favor the idea of an indoor wedding, why not embrace hanging blooms and foliage as décor for your reception?

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