Helpful Wedding Apps and Websites for Brides and Grooms

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Wedding apps & websites discussed by Faye Broderick, of the Essex Room, a Cape Ann wedding venue.

John Maher:  Hi. I’m John Maher. Today I’m here with Faye Broderick, Senior Consultant at the Essex Room, a wedding venue on the north shore of Massachusetts. Today we’re talking about helpful wedding apps and technology for brides and grooms. Welcome, Faye.

Faye Broderick:  Thank you for having me, John.

Wedding Apps For Ideas & Organization

John:  Faye, what are some of the best wedding apps or websites that you’ve seen brides using to organize their inspiration for designing a wedding?

Faye:  The first and most popular is Pinterest. Everybody knows Pinterest. I’ll say every girl knows Pinterest at the very least, and some guys. I’ll concede that, but Pinterest has a lot of everything. Pinterest is sensory overload. Pinterest is wedding. It’s cooking. It’s your home. It’s gardening. It’s everything. If I were going to back up and organize just for my wedding, I would go to is your wedding pinboard on steroids. This thing is crazy.

John:  That’s Lover dot L‑Y, right?

Faye:  Yes, it is. That is an app. You can also find that online, but I probably spent three hours on last night.

John:  It’s all what? Tips, advice, articles, and things like that?

Faye:  It’s tips. It’s advice. It’s articles. It’s inspiration. It’s dresses. It’s hair. It’s flowers. It’s real weddings. It’s everything like I said.

John:  Photos and things like that that you can look through? Galleries?

Faye:  It’s your pinboard on steroids. If I could make one caveat what I recommend to our brides is, if they’re looking at Pinterest or and making their decisions based on things they’re seeing on those sites or on those apps, once you’ve made a decision, leave the board.

If you’ve got a separate board for hair, a separate one for flowers, make your decision and move on because if you keep looking you’re going to doubt the decisions that you’ve already made. You’ll be looking for your second, third, fourth wedding gown and trying to unload the previous two, three, four. Who knows how many?

You’ll be going for another hair trial, another makeup trial. Just see it. Make the decision. Absorb it, accept it, and move on to the next topic.

John:  That’s good advice. Any other popular apps for helping brides and grooms to manage such a huge event like a wedding? We’re talking about usually around a year, say, that people are engaged. There are so many things to think about and to do. Are there any helpful websites or apps that can help to manage that?

Popular Wedding Websites

Faye:  The Knot and Wedding Wire both are quite extensive when it comes to wedding planning. They’ll have the same types of articles and advice that will, but they’ll also have some guest management.

You might build your wedding website at one of those two places. They’re more in depth, but either of those would be more than suitable for managing on the larger scale as opposed to just providing the inspiration.

John:  Do they both have apps for your mobile phone as well that have to‑do lists and things like that that you can check off?

Faye:  They do. They both have apps for the mobile phone, and they both have the to‑do lists. They have budgeting tools. They have guest management, helpful hints and tools for that. Both of them really have a lot of it all.

Seating Chart Wedding Apps

John:  What about creating seating charts? I know that can be a pain when you have so many people coming to the wedding, and then you have tables of 10 or 8 or something like that. You have to try to figure out who sits with who. Are there helpful apps or websites that can help assist with that?

Faye:  There are. There are a couple. When you start thinking of your seating plan, you have to think about who can go where more than anything else.

That is something that you’ll have to do in your brain, but you can look for AllSeated, which you’re going to find at Their mobile version isn’t quite ready yet. Then you also have Tablerrr, and that’s Table with three Rs at the end.

John:  Table‑R‑R‑R dot com.

Faye:  R‑R‑R. Rrrr!

That’s also a free online tool that is not an app, but both seem very helpful. You can import your guest list from a document that’s already on your computer. Then you just click and drag people to tables. You can move tables, rotate tables. That way you can figure out how close Uncle Bob is sitting to Cousin Ricky, and they don’t get along.

Maybe you want your group of friends from work to be next to the bar. You want the older folks to be further away from the dance floor so the music doesn’t blare them away. All of those things you can figure out by looking at those two tools online.

John:  Is it a good idea also to check with your wedding venue and see what the table arrangement is going to be like in the hall that you’ve rented?

Faye:  Absolutely. Your venue should I hope discuss that with you at one of your detail meetings. We always hand out a floor plan, which we tailor to that particular wedding or event based on number of guests, the number of tables we think the client will need.

Talk to them about maybe some odd or awkward family or friend situations and who can sit where, all of that stuff. We’ll guide them through that as well.

Wedding Photo Apps

John:  What about photos? Everybody always takes a lot of photos these days especially when everybody has a camera on their phone now. Any places that couples can use to aggregate all of these photos that people are taking?

Faye:  First would be WedPics. Guests can upload photos. It’s just a hashtag, but guests can upload photos to your account. It’s mobile or on computer.

John:  It’s on a website as well.

Faye:  Thank you. It can be used for iPhone or on Android. It will link to websites you’ve created elsewhere, again through The Knot, Wedding Wire, or That’s great for guest photos. There’s also Appy Couple. That has a website and a mobile app that will also allow you to manage your guest list.

You can share photos. You can do some messaging. Depending on how you feel about paying a fee for an app, that’s the only thing with Appy Couple.

Wedding Registry Apps

John:  Are there any good apps that make creating a registry easier? I know when I got married some years ago we had to just go pick a couple of stores and go to the store. They gave us one of those little price‑scanner wands. We walked around and just said, “OK, we’ll take one of those, and one of those, and one of those.” What do people do these days for a registry?

Faye:  From what I understand these days, the more you do of that, the more arguing there is over what everybody wants in the house. My Registry is a great tool. It allows you access to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of places. My favorites would be Amazon, REI, Anthropologie, because there’s so much that they offer you access to. You can have a little bit of the girly, a little bit of the stuff for the guy, maybe a little bit for the home.

These days where most couples live together or have bought a house together before the wedding, they don’t need the embroidered bath towels or the 17 sets of different glassware, the china for eight.

John:  Silverware and all of that typical stuff. They pretty much have everything that they need in terms of the house in a lot of cases.

Faye:  Exactly. A registry to going to focus I think more these days on things that they want. That leads into Wanderable, which is a honeymoon registry.

John:  What’s that?

Faye:  You search on Wanderable for a trip you might want to take. I saw some examples would be Vietnam, Italy, Mexico. I couldn’t even tell you how many destinations because I got a little overwhelmed myself.

John:  It actually helps you pick a destination to go on your honeymoon by showing you pictures of those places and maybe has recommendations for places to stay and things like that?

Faye:  Recommendations for places to stay, for activities that are available in the area, all sorts of those things. It’ll be almost a pre‑planned honeymoon, but it will give you free time to go and find things to do on your own.

You register for this honeymoon. Again where you have all the things you need for your home or your house and you don’t want any more of those wineglasses, your guests contribute to your honeymoon. That way you’re not getting things that you don’t need or don’t want.

John:  Do guests actually sign up for specific things for your honeymoon? Do they purchase a dinner for two on a certain night or maybe a boat trip or something like that? Is it a specific thing?

Faye:  It is. Usually you’re checking off two nights’ worth of meals or a days’ worth of meals, a couple of nights’ worth of accommodations, a portion of transportation of some kind or air fare. There’s a wide variety of things that guests are checking off that they can contribute to in terms of the trip.

John:  They don’t have to purchase like, “OK, I’m going to buy your entire plane fare.” It’s just, “I’m going to give you a little bit of money toward what your plane fare is.” They can purchase a little portion of it.”

Faye:  Exactly. That is just correct.

John:  That’s great. That’s Wanderable?

Faye:  Yes.

John:  The other one that you mentioned is My Registry.

Faye:  Yes.

John:  That’s a registry aggregation site again. Instead of having to go to five different places and have separate registries at each one of those stores, you just go to one place, My Registry. You can have items available on the registry at all of these different places. Like you said, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, and hundreds of other ones.

Faye:  Correct.

John:  All right. That’s really excellent information, Faye. I appreciate you speaking with me today.

Faye:  Thank you, John.

John:  For more information and wedding‑planning tips or to inquire about having your wedding at the Essex Room, you can visit the website at or call 978‑768‑7335.