Getting Hitched Next Year? 2020 Wedding Trends You’ll Want to Follow

2020 Wedding Trends

Is 2020 going to be the year you say “I do?” There’s no better time to start familiarizing yourself with next year’s major wedding trends. From incorporating eco-friendly materials to embracing androgynous attire, keep these trends in mind for your wedding planning.

Eco-Friendly Materials

In 2020, green thinking is going to rule many aspects of a wedding, including attire, centerpieces and food. An obvious step in a greener direction is to invite guests to the event electronically to save paper. Flowers can be sustainable as well; ask your florist about in-season flowers or order them directly from a farm-to-table company for your reception. Mix it up completely and walk down the aisle with a bundle of market vegetables as a replacement for your traditional bouquet. A bouquet made from brooches would also make a stunning talked-about piece.

Feed your guests sustainably by working with a chef to source seasonal fruits and vegetables, ordering from local butchers, and choosing more unpackaged food. Finally, feel proud to re-wear a gown for your wedding day, which could also be a sweet tribute to honor your mother, aunt, or even grandmother if you wear her wedding dress. You can find used gowns in vintage clothing shops, second-hand clothing shops, and online. Recycling a wedding gown not only saves you money, it also prevents waste.

Spa Over Play

Forget the bachelorette shenanigans of years past. 2020 brides are more interested in indulging in some serious self-care: massages, facials, and gossiping in the jacuzzi with friends. Those wild nights of heavy drinking with your pals were only a recipe for thudding headaches, dull skin, and fatigue. A spa day with your friends is a great way to wind down and enjoy some pampering before your big day. As for the guys, a relaxing getaway at a high-class golf course is a great way to blow off steam before the wedding.

Bridal Blazers

The bridal blazer is an alternative to the classic wedding gown that more brides are starting to embrace. Effortlessly chic, brides will be rocking them over their gowns for a sexy, unexpected, and tailored appearance. Blazers made their entrance at Spring 2020 Bridal Fashion Week with variations ranging from flared lace sleeves to blazer dresses.

More drones in the air

The quest for perfect pictures won’t be fading out next year. In fact, newlyweds are going one step further to ensure their wedding photography is outstanding by bringing in drones. When photographers use both cameras and drones to document your wedding day, they capture every angle of the couple and their background. You’ll need to hire a professional drone photographer to take panoramic views of your event, but letting an expert handle the photographs allows you to truly enjoy your day without fussing over the drone – and it will show in the photos!

Statement Wedding Cakes

Cake designers are fearless in reinventing the wedding cake wheel with bold colors and shapes such as cylinder, hexagon, crepes and pineapple. In 2020, expect wedding cakes to get bigger, bolder and better. Minimalists will be requesting one-tiered cakes, and the elaborate brides will be choosing extravagant silhouettes and daring flavors — like lemon and basil or lavender and goats’ cheese — for a statement wedding cake. Make sure it looks beautiful, but don’t forget to experiment with different flavors and choose the one that looks and tastes the most unique.

Start Planning Your 2020 Wedding

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