Destination vs Local Wedding: Take the Show on the Road or Stay Where You Know Best?

Destination vs Local Wedding

The location of your wedding will forever remain a special place for you and your spouse to share. You will need to decide if you want this location to be close to home or in a faraway locale. As you start making your wedding plans, you can weigh your options by exploring the pros and cons of destination weddings versus local weddings.

Destination Wedding Dreams

The glamour and excitement of a destination wedding tends to send many couples jetting away from home to say their vows. You can decide to hold your ceremony, reception, after-party or all three events while at your selected destination.

Pros of a Destination Wedding

The choices are endless when it comes to selecting the best destination for your wedding. Depending on your budget, you have your pick of tropical islands, romantic cityscapes and other incredible locales across the globe. Getting married at a faraway destination allows you to combine your romantic event with the fun of a vacation.

It can also be a great way to have a more romantic, intimate wedding with just the two of you or your very close friends and family.

Cons of a Destination Wedding

Unfortunately, many destination weddings are far too expensive and time-consuming for average guests to attend at their own expense. To work around this problem, you may elect to have a reception at home afterward to celebrate with friends and family who could not otherwise attend your wedding.

Unless you have help from an experienced wedding planner and travel expert, the high expenses associated with destination weddings could threaten to exceed your budget. Therefore, you must run the numbers and be ready to make last minute changes while planning a destination wedding.

Local Wedding Charm

A local wedding is an alternative to a destination wedding. Many people choose local weddings for reasons such as budget and wanting to have a larger wedding with lots of friends, co-workers, and extended family in attendance.

Pros of a Local Wedding

Local weddings allow you to celebrate all you love about your region alongside your nearby family and friends. While planning a local wedding, you can select from a wide range of gorgeous venues available right within your community space. The venue options allow you to select an ideal setting and backdrop for your special day.

Local wedding events allow you to rely on the vendors you trust to come through for you as requested. You can rest assured that the venue owners, caterers, florists and other wedding professionals will remain by your side through the planning stages all the way to your wedding day. Furthermore, you can stay in better control of your wedding ceremony, reception and after-party elements while staying local for your event.

Cons of a Local Wedding

Unlike destination weddings, local wedding events begin and end on your selected day, not continue as a vacation after the fact. As a result, you may feel pressured to cram all of your excitement into the hours you have at your wedding venue. You can pull this off, however, by working closely with a wedding planner and venue owners.

Destination vs Local Wedding Considerations

Although your lifelong desires will likely come into play in selecting a destination versus local wedding, you can weigh the pros and cons to determine the best option for you if you are on the fence. Pay attention to the areas that mean the most to you and your soon-to-be spouse as you make this important selection. You can look at your budget and the amount of support you would like to receive from your wedding vendors as well. If you stay true to your own preferences, whatever option you choose will surely not let you down.

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