How to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Being engaged is an exciting time in your life, transitioning you from singlehood to married bliss. But as soon as a ring goes on that finger, the clock starts ticking toward the big day, which means that much needs to be done. When you have to worry about everything from food, guest seating arrangements, the dress, the tuxedoes, the transportation, photos, and lodging, the added task of decorations can make you want to buy two tickets abroad and elope!When you feel overwhelmed, you should know that help is just a phone call away at the Essex Room. If you’ve been needing help with wedding decorations, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few questions that can guide you toward your perfect wedding theme.

Think About the Season

Is your wedding going to take place during a romantic snowfall, a cool fall afternoon, or at a balmy sunset in August? The season plays a large role in your wedding’s theme and therefore its décor. After all, nobody wants to have a “winter wonderland” themed wedding reception in July! The season in which your wedding will take place an excellent starting point for your decorations brainstorming session. For example, fall weddings are a good alternative to the busy spring/summer wedding season and come with their unique sets of acceptable decorations like hay bale seats, autumn wreaths, and cozy sherpa throws.

Think About Who You Are

What are you passionate about? What’s your love story? Your wedding should speak about who you are as a couple and embody your values, interests, and passions. For example, if you both love the outdoors and adore country decorations, then using farm style tables, mason jar centerpieces, and beautiful shabby-chic lace table linens can give a rustic charm to your wedding that showcases your personality.

Enjoy the Process

No matter how you decorate, make sure that this part of the planning is giving you joy and expresses your uniqueness to your guests and family. If you don’t like something, then don’t be afraid to scrap the plan and start over.

Bring in Professional Help

If you have great ideas but don’t know exactly where to start, getting some outside help can lift some burdens off your shoulders. Simply brainstorming with a wedding planner can generate many great ideas. Wedding planners have countless tricks up their sleeve to make your visions become a reality. If you want Pinterest-worthy designs, bring in someone whose day job is to make events beautiful.

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When you have many details to plan about your wedding, keeping everything organized can become overwhelming. However, the courteous professionals at the Essex Room are ready to help you with anything from the initial guest list to the tiniest details on your centerpieces. Make your big day run smoothly when you partner with a venue that allows you to relax and enjoy the day. Call now at 508.335.7656 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!