How to Deal with Difficult Friends & Family When Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Getting married is such an amazing time of your life. This celebration of your love is a public declaration of your commitment to your spouse, but it’s also when two families become one. You’re probably aware of the saying, “when you marry your spouse, you marry their family too.” This truth can’t be more evident than when you start the wedding planning process.

You quickly discover the unique personalities of your spouse’s family members and you may even discover unexpected sides of your own family and friends. How can you navigate these new social waters without drowning in drama? Here are our top tips on dealing with difficult family and friends when wedding planning.

Make Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries with people may first seem rude, but in the long run, these rules can prevent future conflict. In fact, many disagreements are rooted in unmet expectations and information gaps.

If your friends and family know exactly what to expect and what things they cannot control, then your relationships will be much healthier during the wedding planning season. For example, if your mother-in-law is snooping too much into your wedding portfolio, you need to have a cordial and firm conversation with her one-on-one that will clearly define her role in the wedding.

Be Kind

Though the stress of wedding planning can make emotions run high, it’s important to keep kindness a priority. No matter what you communicate to your friends and family, take a deep breath and first rehearse your words first in your mind. Do they sound civil? An ounce of prevention can keep unnecessary conflict at bay.

Choosing the right words to say in a calm manner can deflate a situation before it escalates. In the end, this is your wedding. Anyone who truly cares for you will understand that they should be cooperative and do all they can to make sure your wedding goes well, even if that means they need to back off some issues.

Have Fun

While the storm is surging, you have to remember that these friends and family members are the people who are the nearest and dearest to you. You may feel that as each day comes closer to the wedding, the stress gets worse. However, you will discover that on the day of your wedding, all the cares that once weighed you down will melt away.

In the end, all you will see is that your special day is full of all the important people in your life. Have fun on your wedding day with your friends and family and celebrate two families becoming one!

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