Choosing Between Professional Hair and Makeup vs. DIY

Professional Hair and Makeup vs DIY

You can achieve the picture-perfect look you want for your wedding day when your hair and makeup are done to the nines. To achieve this goal, you can either take matters into your own hands with DIY techniques or hire a professional hair and makeup expert.

Weigh the pros and cons of each of these options to determine the best choice for you as you prepare for your big day.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Professional Hair and Makeup

Professional hair and makeup artists will use their skills and experience to give you the celebrity experience on your wedding day. These experts will also complete at least one trial run to help you choose your favorite hair and makeup styles.

When you complete your trial styles, your artist should help you see how great you look in person and photos to alleviate any and all potential concerns about your selected look. With this level of service, you can rest assured that you will walk down the aisle in your chosen look without anything standing in your way. Additionally, professionals know how to make a hairstyle and makeup look last through a wedding ceremony, photographs, and the reception.

However, not all hair and makeup artists have equal skillsets, however, so it is important to find the best fit well ahead of your big day. You may have to meet with several artists before finding the one you trust most. Beyond taking time to find a skilled hair and makeup pro, it will also cost significantly more than going the DIY route. If you just want to have these tasks professionally handled on your wedding day, the quoted price may be well worth the expense.

Pros of Cons of DIY Hair and Makeup for Your Wedding

By going the DIY route, you can potentially save yourself the big bucks you would have spent on a hair and makeup artist. For this option, you only need to cover your own makeup and hair products to complete your desired look. If you already have the items on hand, you may end up paying nothing extra for your hair and makeup.

If you are not skilled in doing lasting hair and makeup styles, your look could fall flat halfway through your wedding event. A professional touch, on the other hand, can keep you looking fresh and stylish through your wedding ceremony, reception and afterparty. Hair and makeup pros can also help ensure that your look remains photo-ready using specialized styling techniques, including contouring.

Top Considerations in Selecting Between DIY and Professional Hair and Makeup

Before you can choose between DIY and professional hair and makeup for your wedding day, it’s important to reflect on your own preferences, expectations and budget limitations. If you have specific style preferences or just want to keep stress to a minimum on your big day, then the professional touch may give you the support you need. If you would rather save money and keep it simple every step of the way, the DIY route may work best for you.

You can weigh the pros and cons of each choice to see where you stand for this decision. Remember to make your choice early, and be prepared to stick with it, as it can be difficult to find a truly skilled hair and makeup stylist at the last moment. While you are making your hair and makeup plan, learn more about the wedding venues and catering services available to you with a call to The Essex Room at 978-768-7335.