How to Choose a Wedding Vendor

Choose a Wedding Vendor


Selecting vendors for your wedding can feel overwhelming with so many different options available. This can be exacerbated if you’re having a large wedding and need to choose many different vendors for a variety of things like catering, flowers and decorations, the wedding venue, your wedding cake, and more. Here’s a simple guide to help narrow down your search for the perfect vendors for your big day.

Make a Master List of What You Need and Who in Your Area Provides It

Take a few hours and make a list of every type of vendor you will need at your wedding, and don’t be afraid to include a few types of vendors you’re not sure you’ll need. For example, if you haven’t decided between a DJ or a band, list both. Do some research and make a few phone calls to find out what companies in your area offer the services you need. You should have a list of at least a few different companies for each type of vendor.

Know Your Budget & Call

When shopping for vendors, it’s not all about who will “do the best job,” because often, even two competing vendors will both offer excellent services. A lot of what it boils down to for brides is budget. How much do you have to spend on each particular part of your wedding? Know ahead of time what you plan to spend on flowers, what you plan to spend on a wedding cake, what you plan to spend on food, and more. Begin contacting each vendor and let them know what you’re looking for, receiving a quote for those services in exchange. Immediately cross off any vendor that is way outside your budget.

Schedule Meetings with Vendors

Next, schedule meetings with vendors who you know so far will be able to provide what you want at the price point you need. Schedule cake tastings with a few different bakeries to decide on flavors and to find out who is most capable of designing the cake you’re looking for. Meet with caterers to sample a variety of foods that you may want served at your wedding, and meet with florists to get an idea of their style and how they put together wedding florals. By meeting vendors in person, you can get a feel for each and you can eliminate several that either end up not having what you want after all or who you just don’t jive with. It’s important that you feel great about who you’re hiring for the different aspects of your wedding, because you want to be able to trust they’re going to do a great job while your mind is on other things.

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