Bud Bars: What Brides & Grooms Need to Know

Bud Bar

For the past few years, brides and grooms have taken interest in an entirely new kind of bar at receptions. Once upon a time, the great debate revolved around deciding if a couple would offer an open bar or a cash bar. In today’s times of legalized marijuana, the bar has been set at a whole new level, so to speak, and couples are cashing in on their ability to offer high-quality cannabis to their wedding guests.

With the change in marijuana laws, which will bring legal pot to Massachusetts, many soon-to-be-married couples may be considering offering bud bars at their matrimonial ceremonies. People have been adding budtenders to their lists of vendors in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington for a few years; the trend is likely to continue spreading east as New Englanders seek ways to get high praises at their own weddings.

If you’re thinking about offering your guests a spread of the finest herb around, here are a few things you should know:

1. Not Every Venue is Open to the Idea of Cannibars

Just because marijuana may be legal in the state in which you choose to get married, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have the green light to go green. There are a lot of restrictions revolving around marijuana, particularly if you choose a venue that’s not privately owned.

Corporate brands are less likely to be on board with bud bars. If you have your heart set on offering a cannibar, it’s very important to keep this in mind when you’re shopping for a venue.

2. You May Need to Choose Between Alcohol and Herb

In some places where both alcohol and marijuana are legal, it’s not necessarily legal for them to be served simultaneously. In other words, you may need to choose between these two intoxicating substances, depending on laws and venues’ own rules and regulations.

Wedding industry pros report a number of benefits to offering buds in addition to—or in lieu of—beer and bubbly:

  • Affordability. Marijuana is relatively affordable, which can help couples cut costs. High-quality cannabis has a built-in buzz that comes on quicker and lasts longer than expensive alcoholic beverages.
  • Laid-Back Vibes. It’s no secret that alcohol has been known to show the unsavory side of folks from time to time. When the flood gates open at wedding receptions, guests can get even crazier than they would anywhere else, particularly when family histories starts surfacing after sobriety’s fled the scene.

Marijuana tends to leave people in much milder moods. Guests who imbibe on THC-infused items are less likely to be aggressive, and more likely to be well behaved.

  • Less Stickiness with Sticky Icky. If you’ve ever heard the unpleasant sound of shoe soles sticking to the dance floor after a riotous wedding reception, you already know how gross alcohol can be when it gets spilled. It’s sticky and leaves stains.

3. Vaping May be a Viable Alternative

If your venue-of-choice is on the fence about allowing you to offer a cannibar, ask if they’ll consider allowing vaping instead of joints and bowls. Not only does vaping tend to have less of a stigma than traditional marijuana consumption, it eliminates the clouds of smoke that would otherwise fill the air.

Vaping is also odor-free, which can be a major selling point for couples who are trying to convince venues to allow bud bars.

4. Consider Consumables

In this world of endless edibles, there are plenty of ways to bring marijuana into the mix without offering any type of smokable substance at all. From sweet treats to side dishes and main meals, marijuana edibles are everywhere.

If you’re offering edibles, be up front with your venue, and get all of your agreed-upon terms in writing so you’re not hit with unexpected surprises down the road.

It’s important to educate your guests about proper dosages. People who haven’t been exposed to edibles may not understand that a very small amount can go a long way. Consider hiring a professional budtender to educate guests about dosages and to regulate the consumption of edibles per person.

If offering edibles at your wedding reception, consider purchasing or making edibles that are weak – often the proper serving size of a cannabis infused brownie is ¼ of the bar. However, people typically will assume that a normal size brownie is how much they should eat – and they may end up overdosing. If made weaker, your guests can enjoy more of the treat without risking getting sick.

Also keep in mind that edibles take a much longer time to produce a high – between one to two hours. You may want to serve a small chocolate or other cannabis infused treat just before the ceremony or during cocktail hour to give it plenty of time to kick in before the fun gets started.

5. Pay Attention to Placement

The type of marijuana you offer at your bud bar may dictate its presentation and placement at your reception. For example, if you’re offering an all-out ensemble of indica and sativa, you’ll probably want to opt for an outdoor tent that’s staffed by a cannabis-industry expert. If you’re opting for sweet treats, a chocolate bar is an awesome way to integrate cannabis as an after-meal reception accessory. If children will be in attendance, you’ll need to make sure the cannabar is segregated from the main reception area and accessible only by adults.

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