Bridal Party Reveals

Bridal Party Reveals

Recently, brides are getting more creative when asking their bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor to be a part of their bridal party. Now, “bridal party reveals” are a thing and there’s no end to the number of ways brides can pop the question to their best girls.

Puzzles or Crosswords

Brides are enjoying creating custom puzzles or crosswords that reveal the question after its put together. The expression of dawning comprehension on the bridesmaid-to-be’s face is priceless and makes a great photo opportunity.

Candy or Cookies

A dress-shaped sugar cookie with perfectly piped icing is a great way to ask your special friends and family members if they will join you on the big day. Or, ask the question “groom-style” with a candy ring!


A more traditional way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid is to give them a small but sweet piece of jewelry. The most popular option by far is a “knot” style ring or necklace, with a note that you simply can’t “tie the knot” without your loved ones by your side.

Wine or Champagne

If you or your girls are wine or champagne enthusiasts, create custom-made labels for bottles of bubbly. Plus, you can “pop” the question when you pop the top of the bottle!

A Simple Card

If you want to ask your friends and family to be by your side, but don’t want to go all out, a simple card is a thoughtful alternative. Make sure the wording is sincere and meaningful if you want to follow tradition, or feel free to get creative and use a funny or lighthearted card.

When to Do the Reveal

You can hold your bridal party reveals privately and individually, or surprise your bridesmaids-to-be by asking them in front of the crowd at your engagement party.

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