9 Critical Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker

Wedding Cake Baker

As exciting as it is to select cake flavors, fillings, and design, there’s a lot of stress that comes with ordering the perfect wedding cake. To ease the pressure and ensure your first bite as newlyweds is exactly what you want, here are 9 important questions to ask your wedding cake baker.

1. Are You Available on My Wedding Date?

Some cake bakers are booked a year in advance or more, so the first thing you should ask is if they’re free on your wedding date. You don’t want to pour your heart into creating the perfect wedding cake and then find out they’re all booked up on your big day.

2. What Flavors Do You Offer?

Whether it’s classic strawberry or chocolate, or something more exotic like passion fruit, the flavor of your cake is one to remember. Most bakers offer tastings, so you’ll be able to select a few flavors you’d like to try and choose the ones that you like most. You could also ask your baker for recommendations if you’re unsure which flavors to combine.

3. Do You Specialize in Fondant or Buttercream?

Have your heart set on a certain type of frosting? Confirm your baker specializes in the one you love. Some bakers work with both, but not all. You should choose a wedding cake baker that largely works with the type of frosting you prefer.

4. Do You Offer Vegan or Gluten-Free Options?

With up to 20 million Americans suffering with gluten sensitivity, there’s a high possibility some of your guests could have it too. Likewise, a vegan diet is also extremely common. Ask if there are gluten-free or vegan options for your wedding cake to ensure that all your guests can have a bite.

5. Can I Take a Look at Your Portfolio?

A good cake baker has a portfolio that showcases their best work. It’s a great means of identifying their strengths and weaknesses to decide if they’re the best baker for the type of cake you want. If it’s a fondant tower you desire and you can only see basic two-tier classics, this could be a sign to look elsewhere.

6. Can You Create a Custom Wedding Cake?

If you’re the creative sort with a clear vision of how you want your cake to look, don’t settle for a cake baker that only offers a small selection of set designs. Find one that can create a custom cake that works with your vision.

7. How Are Your Wedding Cakes Priced?

Normally, wedding cakes are priced by the slice. But you can expect the price to increase if your cake is brimming with flowers and intricate piping or bursting with exotic flavors. Prices largely depend on the complexity of the design, the materials needed, and approximately how much time the cake is expected to take from start to finish.

8. How Do You Deliver the Cake?

Most bakers will deliver the cake to the reception, especially if it needs to be assembled on site. They may charge a delivery fee which will vary depending on the size of the cake, but this is not where you want to trim your wedding budget. Leave transportation and assembly to the professionals.

9. Do You Have a License?

If you’ve already done a brief background check on your baker, you should already know if they have a license. If not, ask! Before you sign on the dotted line, it is imperative you ensure they are licensed and insured. Most wedding venues require proof of insurance from vendors doing business on the property.

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