6 Ideas for Creative Wedding Reception Lighting


The right lighting is a critical part of creating ambiance at your wedding venue. Wedding reception lighting highlights your tablescapes, sets the mood, and adds fun to the dance floor.  While deciding on lighting for your venue, keep these tips in mind.

1. Light Up the Chandeliers

When planning wedding reception lighting, you need to stay away from overhead fluorescents or anything that creates a harsh effect. Instead, look for a venue that has or can accommodate overhead chandeliers that create the soft lighting you need for a wedding. Don’t be afraid to integrate other fun overhead lighting elements such as paper lanterns, strands of LED lights, or even candles.

2. Remember Spot Lighting

In addition to general lighting, some of your wedding reception lighting should be used to highlight key parts of the event. For example, use lights to showcase your wedding cake or illuminate the bar or hors d’oeuvres table. Then, incorporate spot lighting on each table or in small areas where you’re trying to create a cozy feeling for conversations. As a general rule of thumb, you want to use lights to define the various areas of your reception in different ways, but you want all of the themes to tie together.

3. Add Color

You can color the walls of your wedding venue with lights for an even more dramatic effect. Choose colors that coordinate with your overall color scheme, and consider changing the colors throughout the night. You can go for a variety of shades that change and fade into each other throughout the evening, or you can change the colors during special parts of the reception such as for the first dance or cutting the cake.

4. Use Candles

Candles are often worth the investment because they create a stunning effect. Integrate candles into your centerpieces, sprinkle them on buffet tables or bars, or get creative and suspend candles from floral arrangements. The flickering lights add to the overall feel of the event, and they create a little romance, so you can kick off your marriage on the right foot.

5. Cast Patterns on the Dance Floor

To attract people to the dance floor, you need the right lights coming from your DJ booth, or if you’re having live music at your reception, you need spotlights trained on the musicians. You may also want to use lights to create patterns on the dance floor. In addition to adding a custom touch to your reception, a lit-up dance floor designs also look great in photos.

6. Play with Twinkle Lighting

Long strands of twinkle lights are a must-have with most wedding reception lighting plans. Wrap twinkle lights around pillars, place them in bowls on tables throughout the event, or make overhead canopies out of twinkle lights. There are all kinds of options to explore.3

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