5 Cocktail Hour Trends Your Guests Will Want to Steal for Their Own Big Day

5 Cocktail Hour Trends

Your wedding’s cocktail hour is a perfect chance for guests to mingle and have fun while buying you a few minutes for after-ceremony photographs. Incorporate some of these ideas to get the party started and set the mood for a fun night to come. From CBD- or THC-infused cocktails to croquet on the lawn, here are some ideas on how to jazz up your cocktail hour and leave guests wanting more.

1.    THC-Infused Cocktails

Now that marijuana is legal in Massachusetts and in many other US states, requesting a bud bar certainly is gaining popularity among soon-to-be-married couples. Another option is to serve up THC-infused cocktails to give guests a different kind of buzz not achievable with ordinary cocktails. THC is psychoactive, so make sure your friends and family are aware of that beforehand. Or, CBD is an option for guests who don’t want to experience psychoactive effects.

2.    Lawn Games

Your cocktail hour doesn’t need to be a drinking marathon. Why not get your guests up and active by playing fun lawn games together? Lawn games are also a perfect fit when inviting a range of guests; both grandma and young cousins can engage in play together. You and your guests can get competitive over a game of croquet on the lawn, bingo, and giant Jenga. Try to play something that everybody knows how to play so you don’t have to spend time reading rules. Just bear in mind how much space you’ll need to play whatever games you have in mind.

3.    Food Trucks

Are you seeking a casual and quirky alternative to passed hors d’ouevres during your cocktail hour? Food trucks are a growing trend in the wedding sector because they’re both fun and budget friendly. Food trucks also give you the freedom to pick your preferred vendor to serve up tasty snacks to hungry guests. You will need to check with your venue and request permission for trading outside your venue. Remember to take some pics in front of your food truck!

4.    Craft Beer Samplers

Beer has bumped up on the sophistication scale since craft beers arrived on the scene. Consequently, guests no longer need to feign their love for prosecco, especially if you offer an impressive craft beer sampler at your cocktail hour. It’s an original idea that will get guests talking.

5.    Action Stations

An action station is a food station that requires an action, whether that be mixing, cooking, or adding toppings. Many couples are choosing to have light action stations during cocktail hour instead of traditional hors d’ouevres.  Sushi, popcorn, and other light snack stations can be a different way to whet the appetite of hungry guests before your reception meal.

Make Your Cocktail Hour Memorable

Want guests to have a blast at your wedding? Nothing takes the fun out of your cocktail hour more than inadequate space. At The Essex Room, you’ll have expansive space, indoor or outdoor, to incorporate fun and interesting cocktail hour activities that will make your wedding day even more memorable.

When you have a spacious venue and a large dance floor, you are free to decide which cocktail hour activities to offer. You won’t be restricted at all with your preferences.

The Essex Room offers a large lawn ceremony space overlooking stunning salt marsh views, and a stylish indoor room which includes a hardwood dance floor and can seat up to 250 guests.

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