2017 Wedding Trends

2017 Wedding Trends

Fresh, clean, and simple is the overall theme for many 2017 weddings, and here’s your guide to the hottest trends this year in wedding dresses,

2017 Wedding Dresses

This year’s bridal gowns will feature high necks, delicate lace, and clean lines. Sleeved gowns, especially those featuring lace appliques on sheer fabric will be making a reappearance, and one of the most unique gown trends you’ll see this year is the ballet or criss-cross back.

2017 Groomswear

Grooms this year will be wearing unique bowties or personalized ties, pants and suit jackets with warm hues instead of stark blacks and whites. Tweed suits and vests give a unique and less formal look for relaxed grooms.

2017 Wedding Party Wear

The trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses and suits for the wedding party continues in 2017, and this year, the elegant bridesmaid “jumpsuit” makes an appearance. Sequined dresses, especially in popular colors like rose gold, are perfect for formal weddings, while mismatched ties are great for casual affairs.

2017 Wedding Décor

This year, wedding décor is much more simple and sophisticated than it once was. Gone are large, elaborate reception table centerpieces. In fact, round tables with satin chair covers are becoming a thing of the past and brides and grooms are favoring long, rectangular tables with simple wooden folding chairs. The overall look favors a “less is more” approach with strategic pops of color.

2017 Wedding Catering

In 2017, breakfast and brunch weddings are becoming a trend, because who doesn’t love breakfast food? Donuts, mimosas, and unique bacon and waffle hors d’oeuvres can help make a wedding incredibly special and memorable. Formal dinners where guests choose chicken or beef are also being phased out in favor of food stations featuring either casual fare like a popcorn bar, or more hearty eats from all over the world.

2017 Wedding Cakes

Again going with the “less is more” theme of this year, naked cakes and semi-naked cakes are becoming more popular. Other unique designs include dripping icing, cakes that resemble a geode, and painted buttercream icing. Flavors are also evolving beyond chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla and couples are looking for unique cake flavors like salted caramel and tiramisu.

2017 Social Media

With social media becoming an integral part of everyday life, brides and grooms are taking full advantage of this in 2017. A wedding website is a must-have, as well as your very own wedding #hashtag that guests can use on Instagram and Twitter. Snapchat also allows couples to create their own custom wedding filter!

Remember that your special day is all about you. When planning your wedding this year, look for trends that resonate with you and your wedding party and showcase your unique personality. The chief thing that people remember at a wedding was how amazing it made them feel and how much fun they had, so be sure to plan an event that will keep your guests entertained from start to finish!

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