2017 Catering Trends

2017 Catering Trends

Catering is an important part of many different types of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, weddings, and other celebrations. Here are this year’s top catering trends and how you can create a menu for your event that your guests will love.

Local Food and Drink

Let your guests experience the best of what your area has to offer by having your event catered with local foods and drinks. This is especially effective if you have guests visiting from out of town. Serve beer from local breweries and wine from vineyards nearby, and make sure there are several dishes available that are crafted from ingredients from local farms and fisheries.

Allergy Free Foods

Many people today suffer from a wide variety of food allergies, including gluten and lactose intolerance, and nut allergies. It’s difficult for individuals with allergies to enjoy events with food because often, there’s few things, if any, for them to choose from. Taking into account food allergies and providing allergen free food options is by far going to be one of the most popular 2017 catering trends.

You can go all out and ensure your entire menu is gluten or lactose free, or you can provide a few options along with traditional food. Just be sure to hire a caterer that is aware of cross contamination and understands the unique preparation requirements for serving truly allergen free foods.

Stations Instead of a Buffet

The traditional buffet is going by the wayside as caterers are coming up with new and creative ways to serve food. Food stations are a great alternative to a buffet, because it provides new and exciting options while still allowing people to get what they want to eat and how much they want to eat. Consider theme stations with different types of food, such as Mediterranean, Mexican, American, Italian, and more. Or, have a meat carving station, a sides station, and a dessert station. Ask your caterer for ideas.

Healthy Choices

In today’s society, it’s more important than ever to offer healthy food choices at your event. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer your favorite creamy New England clam chowder, but balance it out with salad fixings. Serve both fried and grilled chicken. This year, make sure your event has a wide variety of healthy foods for individuals who choose to be health conscious.

2017 catering trends have changed some from previous years, but there’s still one thing that should stay the same – always offer a multitude of different choices and make sure your catering display is unique and appropriate for your event. How food is displayed makes a big difference in how appealing your spread is to your guests, even if you’re serving the basics, like sandwiches and salads.

At Woodman’s, we can help you come up with a 2017 catering menu that helps bring your event together and make it memorable for you and your guests. Contact us today.