2015 Wedding Themes & Trends

2015 Wedding Themes & Trends - The Essex Room

Listen in on this discussion with wedding planner Maureen Woodman about 2015 Wedding Themes & Trends.

John Maher:  Hi. I’m John Maher. I’m here today with Maureen Woodman, a wedding planner for on and offsite catered events at The Essex Room in Essex, Massachusetts. Today, we’re talking about popular 2015 wedding themes and trends. Welcome, Maureen.

Maureen Woodman:  Hi, John. Thanks for having me.

Most Popular Wedding Themes

John:  Sure. Maureen, what do you think are going to be the most popular 2015 wedding themes?

Maureen:  I think right now, we’re going to probably stay with that wild west at a dude ranch. I think that’s going to still be out there. I think you’re going to see a lot of influence from Downton Abbey and, of course, Princess Kate. I think Downton Abby has really taken on its own sense – Masterpiece Theatre’s done a wonderful thing.

Of course, a few of the girls on Downton Abbey have gotten married, even though they have all ended in tragedy, but I think that’s…

John:  People see that and they go, “Oh, I want my wedding to be like that.”

Maureen:  Yeah. I want to be old‑fashioned. I want to have that lace. I want to have the gloves, going back a little bit to the royalty and the formal.

John:  That’s funny that you have that royalty and formal side and then you have, like you said, the dude ranch and wild west theme. It’s totally on the more casual side. Those are very different things.

Maureen:  I think we’re going to still see a lot farm to table. I think you’re going to see the different kind of seating where they use the large wooden tables with all different kinds of chairs, with the wild flowers and the organic food. They caught the chicken themselves that day.

I think you’re going to still see that influence, which rode off the Twilight series. It was that thing – things are hanging from the tree branches. I still think we’re going to see that. I still think we’re going to see the lights – they’re like large golf balls, they’re clear, and they’re strung all through the trees. They give this, I don’t know, like a carnival feeling. I really don’t know where those lights came from.

John:  A carnival little fairy or something.

Maureen:  Yeah, but they took off. They replace the twinkle lights. They’re somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a tangerine. They’re clear. It’s just something that seems to still be living a life.

John:  That farm to table, maybe a little bit more rustic or rustic weddings, very popular.

Maureen:  Very rustic. You might see the bride in some kind of work boots under her gown, and she picked all the flowers, and she put all the flowers there for her table. They grew in her backyard. Everybody’s getting a favor, and it’s a bunch of seeds and a little container or something.

Wedding Trends for 2015

John:  What about wedding trends? What are some of the current wedding trends for 2015 that you’re seeing?

Maureen:  In all the categories, invitations or music or food or flowers, favors, extracurricular activities…what I’m seeing right now for invitations, still seeing a lot of the laser cut invitations out there. The primary colors are definitely going away. Colors are going away. Staying black with that muted gold, a little bit of a muted platinum, a little bit of a muted ivy writing, very, very fancy script, large bold, inconsistent fonts. All kinds of things going in, but that laser cut – If you can afford it – is absolutely gorgeous.

John:  We started to see a little bit more casual and a more bold colors and things like that coming in. Now it’s going back a little bit to the more traditional?

Maureen:  Correct. Just read a great article today about music, talking about the underground cellar music, the days of Hall & Oates or something. A late ’70s; not so much Saturday Night Fever anymore, not so much Michael Jackson, even though Michael Jackson still gets the most attention at the wedding.

Then a lot of different spins with Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran, where the music is the song that you knew from the ’60s or ’70s but these two new artists are actually doing a, I can’t remember the other one, I think it’s First Revolution or First Edition. It will come to me. I’ll try to remember the name of that new group. They’re doing all the old songs, and they’re putting their spin on them…

John:  Cover versions.

Maureen:  I think that’s definitely happening. In food, I’m still seeing, again, at that farm to table, family style, again Downton Abbey. The food is really big food on the table. Wild west, it’s this big backyard barbecue.

Not so much a buffet. The food is being served to the table, but it’s family style where you’re passing the plates around and you choose the portion that you want.

Gone away is that set dinner. Gone are those stations where everybody’s getting up. More like you would at your dinner at your house. You’d have the food there, and you’d pass it around, and everybody would take what they wanted.

Definitely think you’re going to keep seeing the food trucks. No doubt my mind. The ice‑cream truck, the food truck, the sausage guy coming at the end.

Wedding Add-ons

John:  Are those add‑ons that you would have? Would you have a regular sort of meal but then you would have lots of these little add‑ons with the food trucks showing up?

Maureen:  Absolutely. I think you’re seeing the food truck in the happy hour, in the beginning, and then you’re seeing the food truck at the end, after the dancing or the after party, just a little treat for them to go off with. Absolutely strong trend this year. I don’t see that going out.

Flowers, they’re still saying the Ranunculus polling. That’s like a ruffled rose. It’s very, very beautiful, if you don’t know what it is. Of course, the peonies are still there. The hydrangea’s there. The dusty miller’s there.

Another thing that they’re really pushing is lots and lots of laurel greens on the table. Ropes of greenery going on these farm tables that are natural and then maybe some small wild flowers just put in there. Gone again, the little vase in the center, the mirrors, the candles – yesterday. This stuff, more natural, bigger, messy, not so perfect, not every table exactly the same. That’s what I’m seeing in the flowers.

John:  Interesting.

Maureen:  Favors, a lot of the people making the donation.

Two things were, either got from Pinterest, DIY, which I never knew what that meant, it means do it yourself. Where the last couple of years, everything was in a mason jar. I’m not seeing the mason jars as much this year. In the last two years, we’ve seen mason jars, mason mugs, mason pints, half pints. I’ve seen masons all over the place.

People are still trying to make their own thing, wrap it up, put a little banner on it with some writing, Doug and Maureen written on their invitation – take this home. A lot of people do in the blankets for the outside ceremonies where you get a little fleece blanket with their name on it. If their ceremony is outside or by the beach and it’s cold, you get to take that away.

John:  That’s cute.

Maureen:  That seems to be popular. Of course, anything that you can donate, whatever your cause is, they would just say, “Instead of doing favors, Maureen and Doug decided to make a donation to the homeless shelter or the Pine Street Inn.”

It has nothing to do with the guest but when they come in and they’re looking for the favor, which not really anyone is, but there’ll be a note on all your tables that say that that donation was made today in your name, representing you as a guest to my wedding and thank you for coming.

John:  That’s a nice touch.

Maureen:  Different. I think it’s a little classy and gets away from the stuff, the junk, because we all take those favors home. We all like them, but I don’t know, what do we do with them? Put them in the kitchen and then, I don’t know, put them down in the cellar.

Then of course, extracurricular right now, the photo booth, I would say on its way out.

The drawings, the character drawings, or silhouette cutting. Again, when you were little, you might have went to Disney world and you could have your silhouette cut out on black paper, and then you put it against white, and you framed it. That’s being very popular, more individual.

I just went to a large party at the museum for fine arts for Boston Business Journal and they had the caricature man drawing there as well. Again, the photo booth ran a great run two years.

I get the calls all the time, “I’m bringing my pet. I need a hotel. Is there any hotel in the area that I can house my pet. Is there any way that I can bring my pet to the wedding, at least the ceremony, because this pet is really part of our relationship.”

John:  The bride and the groom’s pet that they have together, or something like that.

Maureen:  The bride and the groom, they’re living together, they’ve been together a long time, and they want the pet to be at their ceremony. Whether it comes down in a wagon or it’s carrying their name around the dog’s neck, it’s there. Bringing your pet is definitely in style, trending for 2015.

John:  Those are all really interesting things. I bet that people can get a lot of fun ideas out of that. Thanks for speaking with me today, Maureen.

Maureen:  My pleasure, John, thank you for having me.

John:  For more information, you can visit the Essex Room website at essexroom.com or call 978‑768‑7335.