15 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas You’ll Love

As you plan your special day, you’ll want to find a unique way to remember the friends and family who shared it with you. For decades, wedding guest books have been a simple way to look back over the names of those who attended your wedding. However, in the past few years, many couples have been forgoing the traditional guest book for more unique and personalized options.

1. A Thumbprint Tree

Paint a simple tree on a large canvas, leaving the branches blank. Set out ink pads and pens that coordinate with your wedding colors so that your guests can leave a thumbprint “leaf” and sign their names.  At the end of the day, your bare tree will be full of colorful thumbprints and ready to hang in your home.

2. A Wedding Photo Booth

Set up props, a cute backdrop, and a polaroid camera in the corner of your reception hall. Encourage your guests to leave a goofy photo for you to remember them by. Add the photos to a picture book or pin to a corkboard and frame for a unique piece of art to hang in your new home together.

3. String Art

Take a simple piece of wood and sketch a heart, or any shape you like. Hammer nails into the outline roughly an inch apart and then repeat around the outline of the wooden piece. Set out string or thread and pens in your wedding colors and let your guests tie a bit of string and sign their name next to the nail where the string is attached.

4. A “Tip” Jar

Let your guests leave bits of advice, tips, or date night ideas for you and your love to go through. Decide ahead of time if you will or won’t accept monetary tips and include a sign on the guest book table.

5. Corn Hole Boards

Let your guests sign a pair of corn hole boards, so you can remember your big day every time you get them out to play.

6. Jenga Tiles

Have your wedding guests sign a Jenga tile with their name, favorite memory of you, or a word of advice for the now-married couple.

7. Puzzle Pieces

Pick out a beautiful puzzle or have one of your engagement photos printed as a puzzle and ask your guests to sign the back of the pieces.

8. A Dictionary

Set out a dictionary and ask your guests to circle the word that reminds them most of you and leave a sticky note explaining why!

9. A Map

If you have guests visiting from out of state, ask them to sign a scrap of paper or postcard and pin to a map in the location where they live. Or, ask your guests to sign a globe where they think you and your honey should visit someday.

10. Encouraging Bible Verses

Newlyweds sometimes need additional encouragement and support as they adjust to married life. Ask your guests to leave a note by their favorite verse in a special bible purchased for the occasion.

11. Messages in a Bottle

Set out a bottle and little scraps of paper and let your guests write a secret letter to you or your spouse for the two of you to read later. This can be especially fun if you’re having a beach themed wedding!

12. A Vinyl Record

If you’re musically inclined, a cute way to share your music tastes with your guests is by leaving your favorite vinyl record out for guests to sign.

13. Lock Art

You can create a piece of unique lock art for your home that mimics the popular “love lock bridges” in romantic places like Paris. Staple strong chicken wire onto the back of a large wooden frame and set out locks for your guests to sign. After they’ve signed, ask them to place the lock on the fence.

14. Wine Bottle

Have your guests sign a wine bottle for you and your honey to open and share on your tenth wedding anniversary! You’ll love getting the chance to look back at the names of those who were there with you. Be sure to use a paint marker that will write on glass.

15. A Board Game

Lastly, if you love family game nights, then set out your favorite board game and let your guest sign the board so that you’ll think of them every time you play.

Your wedding guest book is just the start of planning the unique touches that will make your big day personal. At the Essex Room, we offer a complete solution from planning to catering and reception, giving you room to enjoy the experience of getting married! Contact us for rates and availability today. We have beautiful grounds, indoor locations, reception areas, and more!