Meet the Team

Mrs. Maureen Woodman

Maureen is one of the top wedding planners in New England, with a background steeped in the 100-year history of Woodman’s of Essex, on scenic Cape Ann, MA. Maureen has a unique perspective on what makes a successfully catered Boston North Shore event, and the steps that need to be taken to insure a fun, stress-free celebration. Maureen tends to every detail of hundreds of weddings and other events every year, so when you partner with her, you’re partnering with unparalleled knowledge and experience….


Mrs. Donna Roy

Donna has been designing memorable Boston North Shore events for over 40 years. With a creative eye and an enthusiasm for original and trending elements, she will bring the vision for your day to life. “I enjoy putting a couple’s signature on their wedding day; it should be as unique as they are. Taking an idea and watching it come to life is a very special part of what we do here at The Essex Room on Cape Ann.” Her expertise in events both social and corporate has taken her all over the country and until recently had her leading a bi-coastal life….

Ms. Lauren Muise

Lauren came to the Essex Room as an intern in 2015, where she observed and assisted our outstanding team with the planning and coordination of weddings, meetings and many other types of events. As she learned more during her internship, it further instilled her interest in becoming an event planner. She was hired as a full-time employee the day her internship ended. As a millennial, Lauren brings a unique and modern perspective while assisting our clients in planning a stress-free and fun celebration.


Mr. Ned Grieg

Essex Room Executive Chef Ned Grieg, joined us in 2013 after spending years cooking across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Chef Ned is extensive knowledge of culinary diversity revitalized our menu options by infusing new flavors and inspired cuisine to our traditional New England fare. Chef Ned is constantly updating and adding culinary creations that have received high praise from everyone. He has been essential in creating menu options that appeal to all, including those with strict dietary restrictions.


Mr. Norman Lemcke

Norman has the innate ability to relate to people and sense their needs and without hesitation he will make them feel at ease and secure. His honesty, sincerity and strong sense of humor allow him to connect with people at a level that makes them feel comfortable, safe and trusting. These qualities, in addition to his natural compassion and comforting nature are why brides, grooms and their families appreciate him being at their disposal….