On-Site and Off-Site Catering Menu

The Essex Room offers delicious and diverse catering menus for our New England Wedding and Corporate Event catering. Menu items listed here are available for both on-site and off-site functions throughout Massachusetts.

Our corporate chef Ned is constantly updating and adding culinary creations that have received high praise from everyone. He creates a menu that appeals to all, including those with strict dietary restrictions. He demonstrates an amazing appreciation for traditional New England dishes while constantly seeking and discovering new ways to prepare and present food.

Menu pricing starts at $60.00 per person. All menus include:

  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Soup or Salad
  • Plated Dinner with your choice of a protein, starch and vegetable
  • Coffee Service
  • Complimentary tasting of your menu prepared by our Executive Chef

Click here for information on Allergy-Free Weddings


Stationary hors d’oeuvres

Dutch Garden Crudité
A potpourri of select garden gatherings presented in a Dutch garden fashion
accompanied with a trilogy of our fabulous dipping sauces

Sliced prosciutto & salami, marinated fresh mozzarella & mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese, tomato & basil salad, cured olives, stuffed sweet cherry peppers, pepperoncini, Tuscan beans, roasted garlic & herb focaccia

Brie Bake in the Box
Adorned with a fruit chutney, herbal confetti & toasted hazelnuts served with assorted crackers & sturdy breads

House Made Potato Chips
These Chips are So Very Good!
lightly seasoned with cider vinegar, sea salt & accompanied with a boursin cheese dipping sauce

Down East Raw Bar
Classic New England raw bar displayed on ice with local littleneck clams, oysters on the half shell & jumbo shrimp served with classic cocktail & mignonette sauces

Fish & Shellfish Offerings

Seared Sea Scallops
Herb ash smoked sea scallops with a Cajun pepper sauce presented warm or chilled on petite chive shortbread biscuits

Caribbean Conch “Hush Puppies”
A classic hush puppy of freshly grilled corn, sweet conch scented with Bahaman spices, Asiago cheese & key lime juice served with a spicy remoulade

Lobster Tartlet
Petite puff pastry shell filled with butter poached lobster nicely embellished with sweet shallots, artichoke & tarragon

Pan Seared Maryland Crab Cakes
Petite plump crab cakes nestled upon buttered toast rounds served with a dollop of herb scented remoulade

Lobster Roll
The Real Thing!
Fresh Maine lobster, a touch of celery, onion, basil and mayonnaise presented within a butter grilled top split soft roll


Poultry & Victual Offerings

Thai Sesame Chicken Saté
Appropriately marinated & seared upon the grill accompanied with spiced mango peanut sauce scented with cilantro

Argentinean Chimichurri Poultry
Boneless bite size breast of chicken seared & simmered in white wine & herbs
accompanied with a roasted artichoke fondue for “dipping’”

Twice baked fingerling creamer potatoes embellished with prosciutto, Grafton cheddar cheese, chives & horseradish

Grafton Grill
Petite warm triangles of Vermont smoked Grafton cheddar cheese & crisp bacon
accompanied with heirloom tomato basil dipping sauce

Succulent Tenderloin of Beef “Wimpy Burgers”
PBC ground prime lean tenderloin lightly seasoned with sherry & herbs nestled between petite bread rounds, embellished with all the “fix ins”


Garden Gatherings & Fromage Offerings

Asparagus Skein Crudités
Succulent asparagus wrapped with lemon zest & herb laced puff pastry oven roasted & offered with curried dijonaise

Saint Andre Tartlets
Petite Phyllo cups filled with Saint Andre cheese mousse adorned with tomato citrus chutney & candied pecans

Petite Wild Mushroom & Brie Cheese Toasted Triangles
Lightly buttered and sautéed until amber brown

Portabella Mushroom Sate
Marinated with citrus zest, rice wine vinegar & Asian herbs with Japanese yuzu miso dipping sauce


Soups, Porridges, Chowders & Bisques

Woodman’s Famous Clam or Fish “Chowda”
resplendent with butter poached lobster & vegetable brunoise

Woodman’s Famous Clam or Fish “Chowda”
Served with oyster crackers

Corn Chowder
A creamed corn chowder without any cream accompanied with buttery toasted hazelnut madeleines

Tomato & Basil
An heirloom tomato soup infused with silky smooth goat cheese & basil coulis drizzled with white balsamic syrup


Adorned with warmed bacon, roasted shallots, pistachio nuts & poached egg
drizzled with a green peppercorn Asiago glazing

Pressed Panzanella
An Outstanding Italian Summer Salad Slightly Altered! Layers of Tuscan cheeses & bread, roasted roma tomatoes, charred peppers & artichokes served pressed & chilled, embellished with a caper, olive, balsamic & olive oil vinaigrette

Saint Lawrence Caesar
The Dressing’s Origin was traced to One of the Thousand Islands in the Saint Lawrence River thousand island dressing, a wedge of romaine, a chunk of blue cheese & crisp bacon

Heirloom Tomatoes & Jersey Blue
A napoleon of Vermont’s jersey blue, perfectly ripened, juicy heirloom tomatoes & basil confetti Cabernet Sauvignon basil vinaigrette

Principal Plates

Tuscan Chicken
Roast chicken with garlic, herbs & white wine finished with caramelized onions & roasted tomato sauce

Wild Mushroom Marsala
Your choice of pan seared poultry or veal with a potpourri of wild mushrooms & a touch of sweet cream

Baked Stuffed Haddock
With Woodman’s famous seasoned crumbs

Salmon with Creamy Leeks & Red Wine Butter
Alaskan king salmon, slowly-roasted & served on a bed of creamy leeks garnished with red wine & shallot butter

Black Pepper Crusted Sirloin
Pan roasted & plated with a wild mushroom ragout accompanied with a Cabernet Sauvignon au jus scented with lemon thyme

Want a Completely Allergy Free Wedding?

If you want a completely allergy-free wedding, avoid the main eight food allergens identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Tree nuts, including walnuts, pecans, and almonds
  • Fish, including salmon, cod, and flounder
  • Shellfish, including lobster, crab, and shrimp
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts

Chef Ned is constantly updating and adding culinary creations that have received high praise from everyone. He has been essential in creating menu options that appeal to all, including those with strict dietary restrictions.

There are many creative dishes that can be made without any of these allergens, so you can be certain that everyone can eat without having to worry about allergic reactions or unpleasant symptoms. However, if you wish to have a completely allergy-free wedding, it’s important to work with a caterer who understands food allergens and how to prepare allergy free foods without cross contamination.

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